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Chamomile SHEENY Shampoo Bar 60g


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Chamomile SHEENY Shampoo Bar 60g

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Chamomile SHEENY Shampoo Bar 60g

Sensitive Scalp & Softening

Chamomile is one of the most effective natural agents for treating dandruff. It works by hydrating the scalp, thereby easing itching and irritation. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps to soothe the irritated scalp. It is also effective in treating hair lice. Another key property is that chamomile essential oil moisturise and softening hair. It is effective on brittle and dry hair. It strengthens hair and retains moisture from within, making the hair strong yet soft.

1 review for Chamomile SHEENY Shampoo Bar 60g

  1. Chante Venter

    I’ve been using Sheeny Shampoo bars as part of my hair care routine since 2019, and can definitely recommend it! It works out as a very cost effective option, is compact (i.e. more free space on your shower rack and one less bottle toppling over 😋😊) and works great when travelling. I have very sensitive skin and am prone to eczema, even on my scalp, and therefore use the chamomile bar for a sensitive scalp, which leaves my hair feeling soft and my scalp itch-free! The clean, fresh scent of the shampoo is also great! I’ve tried other brands of shampoo bars, but can honestly say that Sheeny’s Shampoo Bars remain my favourite! A definite 10/10 rating!

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Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate , Glycerin,

Shea Butter,  Aqua (Water),

 Olive Oil,  Cocos Nucifera ,

Cocamidopropyl Betaine,

Sodium Chloride,  Fatty Acids,

Chamomile Essential Oil,

Citric Acid, Castor Oil,  CI19140.


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